Newly established theoretical computer science group in Heidelberg in March 2020.

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Lecturer: Jun.-Prof. Felix Joos
Exercises: Eoin Hurley

Lectures: Tuesdays, 11am - 1pm, and Fridays, 9am - 11am.
Exercises: Tuesdays, 4pm - 6pm.

Website: LSF, Moodle

Please sign up to this course in moodle. The course in unfortunately only listed as a computer science lecture (and it is impossible to list the course for two subjects).


This lecture gives a thorough introduction to discrete structures and serves as the foundation for the research topics investigated by our research group.
We systematically investigate discrete structures (in particular graphs) which are ubiquitous in computer science, mathematics and in applications. We explore connections to applications in computer science and other areas as geometry and probability theory.

Target group:

The lecture is aimed to bachelor (Wahlpflicht) and master students in both mathematics, computer science and scientific computing. For mathematics students this lecture belongs to the "Geometry and Topology" section and hence to "Pure Mathematics".


Exercise sheets are made available via moodle and all communications runs also via moodle.